Canadian Radio and TV Personality Stu Jeffries Shares Fitness Tips


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Stu Jeffries is a Canadian media celebrity who some may remember hosting the popular CBC Television show Good Rockin’ Tonite from 1986 to ‘93. Fast forward, Jeffries is currently hosting his own morning radio show, Boom 93.7 in Toronto. He credits his career successes to following a regular fitness regime and he stopped for a moment to share his fitness and healthy eating tips here in a Q&A:

Q: Which came first, your passion for broadcasting radio and TV or fitness?

A: It was definitely radio. I knew it was what I wanted to do since I was 9 years old. TV was a lucky detour and fitness came into play when it became apparent that if I wanted to continue to be successful and be there for my growing family, I had to stay in shape.

Q: What is your fitness routine and how has it helped you with your radio career now?

A: I work out at the gym three times a week and fill in the other days with some sort of cardio. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s really helped in keeping me focused and alert. I can’t imagine getting up at 3 am and feeling slow and sluggish…it would really make my job much more difficult.

Q: What are some tips you can share with our readers who are trying to get fit?

A: If you’re just starting, go slow! If you hit it too hard and/or too fast, you’ll either injure yourself or hurt sedentary muscles so badly that you’ll never want to try it again. Also, set some realistic goals. When I started working out, my bar was very low making accomplishments easy and giving me plenty of room to get better.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits and do you have a favorite dish?

A: I don’t think that I eat exceptionally healthy. I’ve just become more aware of how many times my vices can go in my body. I try and balance my weakness, wings, with salads and fish dishes but I don’t always succeed. I find that my body lets me know when there’s been too much wine and questionable food intake and I’ll make adjustments. J

Q: What do you like most about working out?

A: Finishing. It’s not a lot of fun for me, to be honest. I just know I have to do it and I do. I love the results, though.

Q: Is your family part of your fitness activities?

A: My wife and I will work out together every so often and as I coach all three of my boys’ hockey teams, we’re on the ice three times a week in the winter. In the summer, it’s a combination of baseball and basketball, with the boys doing most of the work. J


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