Christine Gets Definitive Answers on Proper Care of your Sports Bra

Wearing a properly fitted sports bra allows you to enjoy your activity and perform better. Nothing is worse than having a loose fitting bra unless it’s fitted too tight. Having a properly fitted bra keeps you in the game while looking and feeling fabulous. Investing in a sports bra can be expensive and you will need to take care of it to avoid decreasing the longevity.
The key to getting fitted is choosing the right sports bra for your activity. Once you have consulted with an expert and been properly fitted, then the next step will be taking care of and getting maximum usage out of your expensive new acquisition.
Lynda Barr, manager of Diane’s Lingerie says, “The care of bras is the same year round, except they hang-dry quicker in the summer than winter. It’s actually fitting tips that take precedence to the care of bras and lingerie in general.”
She shares some tips in this space:
If the bra has a wire, it should sit behind the breast tissue at the side.
The bra band provides the most support and should fit snug.
The band should sit level on the back.
If a bra fits properly it should be able to have the straps hang over the sides of your shoulders.
A woman should be fitted every year for a new bra as they lose shape or your shape changes.
Hand-wash your sports bra using delicate powder or liquid; don’t add softener or bleach.
Soak bra for 3-5 minutes in cold water and rinse.
Gently press to squeeze out water – do not wring or twist
Avoid folding molded cups, padded or tee-shirt bras.
If machine washed, attach hooks together to avoid snagging.
Use a bra bather or wash bag on cool, gentle cycle.
Wash bras of a similar color and fabric together.
Remove promptly and lay flat on a rack or towel to dry.
Wash your sports bras after every wear.
Getting the right fit for both your body type and lifestyle is essential – like choosing the right shoe for running.

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