Having Epsom Salt Bath After a Run Rid Toxins from the Body


For some people summer can be the busiest time of year with the whole family on holidays and vacations spots beckoning. They may not have had spare time for working out, which is like withdrawals only and no further deposits in the body bank. We know how that story inevitably ends. Your body has taken an unhealthy toll and when you combine your missed workouts with increased fatty foods, juice, pop or adult beverage while failing to hydrate properly, a bigger problem could be developing. Your mirror reveals your weight gain, your jeans look like they’ve been spray painted on, and you may be discouraged to start running again. You have built up a heavy supply of toxins in your body from not exercising and eating healthy and like it or not, something needs to be done to get you back on a healthy track.

Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one may be hard to do all at once. In the meantime you can start to detoxify your body and turn over a fresh leaf for fall by having an Epsom salt bath. Mixing in your bath with Dr Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak and Foaming Bath hydrates your skin while releasing toxins. After my hard workouts I look forward to once or twice a week soaking in the Epsom salts. The scent of the Himalayan Epsom salts is welcoming and quickly relaxes me while soothing my tired muscles. Also, it also been known to reduce inflammation.

In an email interview, Dr. Bob Weil, The Sports Doctor based in Chicago, Illinois who hosts his radio show on healthylife.net, says, “Epsom salts, magnesium sulfate, have been around for many years as a soothing soak for sore muscles and often as a popular foot soak. Its astringent effect of drawing out inflammation or toxins is legendary but not scientifically proven. For many, it’s quite helpful”

Basically, eating healthy, hydrating enough and working out can get rid of the toxins in our body, according to an article in Livestrong.com – August 14, 2017.

“Detoxification is the cleansing of the internal organs of the body from environmental pollutants, food waste, poisons, harmful bacteria and other substances such as alcohol, medications and parasites,” Dr. Weil said in an interview, adding, “The human body is designed to get rid of waste. The organs of detoxification include the colon, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymph glands.”

Training for a 10km or working out at a high intensity level can cause you to develop stiff or sore muscles. By soaking in an Epsom salt bath it is relaxing for both your mind and body and for those runners or those leading a healthy lifestyle can appreciate Epsom salts to revitalize tired muscles and help exfoliate the skin. Who needs to break the bank for a spa treatment when you can enjoy a relaxing Epsom salt bath.

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