My Q&A with Kyle Dyck, Founder and Director of Abby Eats Cafe


Q: Tell us when did your passion begin “Pay What You can?”

A: My passion began to start a “pay what you can” cafe in December of last year. This is when I first heard about the model and concept on the show Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives. They featured one cafe on the show and I fell in love with the model and thought about how it could help our city in Abbotsford with some of our food insecurity issues. I thought it could be such a positive establishment for our city if people buy into the vision!

Q: Why is food insecurity such an issue?  and how are you getting the word out? 4. What do hope to achieve

A:  I am not sure why food insecurity is an issue in Abbotsford, that’s the problem. We have so much food and land to produce food, but for some reason many are still struggling to afford a healthy, balanced meal in our City. From my perspective, that is unacceptable and has spurred me on to do my part to be a part of the solution. We have an abundance of wealth and food…how can our city be struggling with this. I think if we provide opportunity for people to serve and give towards this cause in a creative way, we can help put a dent in the problem. I would rather try something and fail, then do nothing at all. 🙂

Q: When will you launch?

A:  We are hoping to actually launch the cafe in early 2018. We are starting our 1st fundraiser on April 25th with a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $25000 dollars in 60 days. Our crowdfunding site is and that is where we are asking people to give right now. Our need financial goal is too raise $75000 in order to open. This will cover start up costs including location, kitchen equipment, hiring a head chef, many of the permits and licences and many other things that go into opening a cafe. We are also hoping to partner and receive food donations from growers, farmers, businesses and individuals. The only way this cafe launches and is sustainable is threw the generosity of our city! We will need about $50000 every year to make up for costs lost due to the non-profit nature of this model.
Abby Eats Cafe will be a non-profit, social justice enterprise that will serve local products, delicious food and will operate under a “pay-what-you-can” model.

Q: How are you getting the word out?

A: We are getting the word out through our social media sites, our website and hopefully word of mouth! Website is and our social media links are:

Facebook page:

We hope to create a non-profit social enterprise that serves local products, delicious food and operates under a “pay-what-you-can” model.

“Pay What You Can” Explained

At Abby Eats Cafe, we embrace a pay what you can concept by providing a few different payment options.

1. Pay what you can afford.

2. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price.

3. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price, plus a little extra to “pay it forward.”

4. Give your time in service to “pay it forward” for your neighbor to enjoy a meal.

5. Give your time in service to pay for your meal. This provides a “hand up, not a hand out” opportunity

We value a place where everyone is welcome and we provide creative payment solutions for all. Our hope is to create a culture where we help eliminate food insecurities, while providing fantastic food and community connections.

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